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I created a movie in 10 days

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Second Chances Movie Poster

From concept to wrapping on post-production. I recently wrote and directed my first film in 5 years.

Like any film project I’ve worked on, after it’s all said and done, you look back on what happened to get it made and find it hard to believe you made it. For me “Second Chances” was a miracle and last minute project. Created for the 2013 IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge, I waited a full two weeks from the kick off before I decided last minute to try and make a movie to enter. I started on a Thursday night with registration and getting my theme for the challenge. Afterwards, the story outline and script were completed in less than 24 hours. All my casting was done between Friday and Saturday, with a table read on Sunday. One of my support leads became ill and I had to recast her the night of the table read. Then there was the locations, I didn’t have those until Sunday as well, the day before we shot. Shooting was over the next two days and by Wednesday, we were finally in post-production, to have this project completed and turned in by Sunday four days later. Oh what a ride it was! This is my first time working with any of the cast and most of the crew and I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish at the last minute. I hope you enjoy the urban fantasy drama “Second Chances” as much as I did making it.

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Drawing A Day – Day 227

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Smoking Imp. There is a tale of an imp who smokes a oak wood pipe and carries a crystal wand. Rumor has it that the imp trapped his Wizard master in a soul gem and now runs the stone tower and dungeons below the tower, which use to belong to his master.

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Drawing A Day – Day 63

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Magi’s Daemon Wand. For this drawing I used a #2HB pencil and shader. The color tint was done in post.

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My 1st Trip to MagiQuest – Grapevine, TX.

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This past December, I took a trip home to visit family in Texas. While in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I took the opportunity to fulfill a 5 year goal of mine, which was to play a Live Action Entertainment game known as “MagiQuest” at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. Being in Arizona, this just so happens to be one of the cloestest MagiQuest centers near me. The main game is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, which I have plans to take a vacation to someday just to play the game.

What is MagiQuest?

MagiQuest is an interactive live-action, role playing game where players embark on quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world using real magic wands to solve the mysteries of the game.

The MagiQuest at the Great Wolf Lodge that I visited, is consider part of one of the Forest Kingdoms. The game here is unlike the one at Myryle Beach, SC. It has some of the same quests, but also a quest or two that you will not find at some of the other locations. The game itself it in blended into the Great Wolf Lodge theme itself. If going to this one you will find MagiQuest on the bottom floor and to your left once you reach the bottom of the stairs.

Once at the shop, you pick a wand at the station as shown in the picture above. From this point you can just get a standard wand and they will give you a round orb to fasten into the end of your wand or you can do like I did and get one of the many clan toppers. I got the Dragon Head topper which belongs to the Warrior Clan.

After getting a wand and topper, I walked up to the counter paid for a game and activated my wand. They did have package deals and I ended up getting one of these. They give you about 3-4 days worth of time to play the game and there was no fee to enter Great Wolf Lodge for the area that the MagiQuest game is located. After giving they guy at the desk my name, date of birth, and a User Name to be encoded into the database and linked up with the RFID tag in the wand, I was ready to start. I was given a book called “The Ancient Book of Wisdom”. The little paper booklet gives simple instructions on how to play and also importing information regarding the game quests. I was then directed to start down the hall to the Training Room.

The lessons and tutorial are giving by the Master Magi and is wand activated. The video is 3 – 5 minutes, if you include the promo. Inside the training room, every thing is wand activate. There are some basic rules and instructions posters on the wall, the TV monitor is activated by the tree stump man. There is also a racoon statue, along with a few chests and lamps that turn on when activated. I spent more time trying to test out the wand on various objects in the room, than really listening to the Master Magi. I don’t even remember the video all that well, as it was busy outside and loud, which made it kind of hard to hear. This would become a reoccurring theme of important information being revealed by an object, only to have the instructions drowned out by so many people around. The gist of the instructions were to look for little Q symbols and point your wand there to activate the game interactive devices.

The first thing to do after training is to find a QuestTree. Here you are shown a list of Quests, also listed in “The Ancient Book of Wisdom”, which will get you started on your first quest. You can pick from multiple quests, but note that some are not available until you have completed other quests. Adventures are like quests but bigger and require the use of some of the rune quest. Rune Quest is where I started out and I began where most do on the “Dazzle Rune Quest”. After hearing a riddle at the QuestTree, I set out to find the 5 colored crytals, like the one shown below.

This quest began around the corner from the Dragon’s Lair and worked it’s way up the 8 hotel floors of the Great Wolf Lodge. Something to note, most of the MagiQuest areas 3rd floor and higher are mostly in the stairwell and in the lobby area outside where the elevators are. Only on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors do you have to walk out in the lodge a bit to find some of the quest related items. All in all, I became a Master Magi after 2 days of playing this game and was able to beat the Red Dragon. Had I known the Silver Dragon could only be accessed after playing MagiQuest Online, I would have bought the game on the first night, played it on my laptop where I was staying and returned the next day. Instead, I held off and decided to get it before leaving on the 2nd day. Below are just random photos I took through out the two days I was there showing various quest items and to capture my experience. I took multiple pictures of chests as they and wall mounted pictures made of the bulk of interactive items in the game. If a chest was not part of a quest, then it usually would open and award you with gold pieces, which are required on some of the quests before you can continue. I’m now really looking forward to a vacation at the Myrtle Beach location, where I hope to relive the adventure I did here at the Great Wolf Lodge location.

The phone above is used to contact downstairs to the front desk if you need help with the quest area. I had someone ask me what it was for, so thought I’d post an update here.

The Red Dragon slumbers in his lair, awaiting a Master Magi to awaken him to do battle.

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