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Ring of Time Movie Poster


You would think after making a film after 5 years since my last would be enough, but nope, it was a new month and I made another film. I entered into this year’s A3F 48-Hour Film Challenge here in Phoenix, AZ. Our entry was a short 5-minute film called “Ring of Time“. Our line of dialog was “I can’t believe it worked”, our prop was a ring, and our theme was “Something magical”. We were 1 of 55 teams to enter, 1 of 47 that turned out film in on time under the 48 hour limit, and unfortunately, only made the top 30 films getting an Honorable Mention, but not screened at last night’s event with the top 20. Really, surprised me on that, as I thought we did quite well and it was my most ambitious 48-challange film to date out of 6. I really appreciated the cast/crew I had on this project and thought they all were amazing. It was funny to grow from having 2 actors and 1 crew member the night I signed LJR Productions up as a team and how on the day of the shoot that number grew to 26 people. Starting on this project, I only knew 5 of the 26 people I worked with, so met a lot of new faces.

I had recently announced on my Facebook page that I was done making short films and focusing only on feature films. Well I learned I shouldn’t make statements like that, because last night at the A3F film screening for the top 20 films, I listen to a call from the event organizers of the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival asking for more horror films. Now that it’s March and another month in 2013, I may be doing a short 10-minute horror film.

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I created a movie in 10 days

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Second Chances Movie Poster

From concept to wrapping on post-production. I recently wrote and directed my first film in 5 years.

Like any film project I’ve worked on, after it’s all said and done, you look back on what happened to get it made and find it hard to believe you made it. For me “Second Chances” was a miracle and last minute project. Created for the 2013 IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge, I waited a full two weeks from the kick off before I decided last minute to try and make a movie to enter. I started on a Thursday night with registration and getting my theme for the challenge. Afterwards, the story outline and script were completed in less than 24 hours. All my casting was done between Friday and Saturday, with a table read on Sunday. One of my support leads became ill and I had to recast her the night of the table read. Then there was the locations, I didn’t have those until Sunday as well, the day before we shot. Shooting was over the next two days and by Wednesday, we were finally in post-production, to have this project completed and turned in by Sunday four days later. Oh what a ride it was! This is my first time working with any of the cast and most of the crew and I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish at the last minute. I hope you enjoy the urban fantasy drama “Second Chances” as much as I did making it.

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So I found out about this movie today and that there was a content to be in it!? I got robbed!!! I’m very tempted to just fly down to Baton Rouge, LA and crash the set to get in it. As a runner up, I’m very happy to hear the news that there is another Dungeons & Dragons film to look forward to and it’s by the same crew that made the last one, which I thought was great and x10 better than the first, which I still hold a grudge about.  The film is currently in production in Europe and will be moving stateside starting next Monday. The movie is headed for a release as a SyFy original movie on Dec. 31st, 2011. If that’s the case, I know where I’ll be and doing for the New Year 2011-2012.

Dungeons & Dragons III: The Book of Vile Darkness movie –

I’ve been trying to track down information on this film, but it appears everyone is just phoning it in as a direct to DVD productions. No director blogs, tweets, behind-the-scene teasers, or even a pre-trailer. It’s a damn shame how one of my favorite movie genres has been handle and one of the reasons I’ve decided to become a Writer-Diretor in this lifetime. If I ever get a chance to direct D&D related movies I want to be the one who bring the Live Action Dragonlance and Live Action D&D Cartoon series to the table. If I ever win the lottery, one or both of those will get made. I’d also try and buy the D&D Cartoon series IP from Disney or whoever owns them now. So much greatness buried in the 80s just being sat upon collecting dust.

I’d rant some more, but I need sleep for work tomorrow. I still plan to make a post sometime soon about my recent trip to Texas and do a write-up on the live action game MagiQuest that I finally got to play there after waiting 5 years!

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