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This is a bar & restaurant located in Mesa, AZ. I had heard about it and seen some pictures of the place but never made it a point to go see. That was until this week when they announce they were closing their doors after being open for less than a year. Horror, animatronics, good, and drinks!? This place sounded like an adult version of Chuck E. Cheese pizza. I invited some friends who were regulars of the place to meet us up there today and finally went with my whole family.


After entering the front doors you enter into a short monster maze. Animatronics and interesting things look at are here. After snaking right around the corner along the castle looking stone walls you come to a mummy tomb on the wall.


Afterwards, the maze opens up into a room where this caracul is there to greet you, alone with Frankenstein on a table and an old pipe organ (not pictured).


This room opens into another room, still not inside the restaurant area itself, where a demon oversees all who enter alone with some bat looking creature below.


Then there is a grand gate and entrance into the bar and restaurant area itself, with a dragon peering over all who enter. To the right of the gate in this picture is a huge stone golem that stands up.


More of the restaurant area, here you can see Freddy Krueger in the corner and Pumpkin Head standing under a crumbling castle tower about to fall. Lots of classic monsters are here.


I sat down at a table next to the Grim Reaper with two kobold looking demons at his side. He was on a timer and ever so often would stand up and swing that scythe around, while chanting.


His minions at his side would move as well and blow smoke.


The place also had this nice tomb structure inside the restaurant, which exited out onto a patio area for outside dining. I’m glad I didn’t wait  too long until the place closes next weekend on 1/19/2013. The Swamp Water drink I got was great as was the interesting food items served all with horror names. I’m hoping someone else will step in and buy the place as it’s certainly a place I’d like to return to again and see.

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Lil’Monsters Gallery Added

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Tonight, I decided it was time to grab all the photos from my “Lil’Monsters” polymer clay figure series and post them in their own gallery here.

Lil’Monsters –

A few of these are still for sale if anyone would like to buy a One-Of-A-Kind sculpture.

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Drawing A Day – Day 339

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Master Lord Impy & Stone Golem Chumpy. A duo who walks the countryside looking for work and avoiding the king’s guards. Impy is the brains of the operation and Chumpy is the brawn.

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Drawing A Day – Day 245

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Ear Worm. These small creatures are tiny enough to enter a person’s ears, where they latch on to the inner ear drum and cut their way in looking for the inner eardrum fluids. These creatures are used in the torture of others, usually when trying to obtain information or confessions from them. They have also proven quite effective.

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Drawing A Day – Day 72

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Ambush the wizard. For this drawing I used a #2HB pencil, shader, erasers, and color tinted in post.

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NaNoWriMo 2010 – Day 18, 19 & 20

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Regarding Days 18 – 19, I pretty much took an unplanned break. The reason for the break, Minecraft! Darn this game for destroying my word count. I was playing the game on Thursday trying out some new ideas before I started writing. The underworld level known as Nether is where I went to destory some Ghasts that had been detroying one of my connector tunnels between portals. Before this however, I had noticed the game slowing down and sometime locking up whenever I entered the Nether. By now the problem had gotten worse and quickly anytime I entered the Nether, I the game would lock up. I made it out of the Nether through a portal and the game worked fine, so I established the problem was just when entering the Nether world. I still had business to attend to in the underworld, so I entered the portal once more, this time I was able to walk a few steps before the game crashed. I rebooted my enter computer, minimized the screen and set everything to low under video. It improved it for a few more steps then continued to lock up. I changed everything back as it didn’t resolve the problem. I was able to log in a few more times while my game was saved in the Nether. Eventually, that all I was able to do is log in and not move. I made a desperate attempt to enter another portal to make it out of the Nether with my character, but the game locked up on me. I eventually go so bad the game would lock up on loading. As of now my 1st Minecraft world is not accessible or playalbe anymore. This really pissed me off as I had spent a considerable amount of time on this game and created some places I planned to use later in my novel. Needless to say, I ended up starting a new world and that became my NaNoWriMo Day 18. The next day (Day 19) I didn’t even want to think about writing because I was discovering a new world in Minecraft. I didn’t even make it up to my weekly WriteIn up at Bookmans and missed some other writers I wanted to see. As of today, (Day 20) I didn’t touch Minecraft until I had written 1500 words. Then I took a break from writing which was only suppose to last an hour but ended up going 3 hours. I did get some more writing and finally reached a 23k word count. Just shy of 25k, which is the halfway mark. I have 10 days left to complete my novel of 50,000 words. I’ve been trying to get my fill of Minecraft so I can go back and focus on writing but it’s a bit addicting as I’ve started creating roads and tunnels in my new world. Also, pictured here in this blog post of my new world is a Minecraft monster trap. I learned after watching YouTube video such as this, how to make Lava/Water Traps that captures monsters and kill them.

Using a channel and water system the items they drop are then delivered to a safe pickup location where you just sit and have all the items float down to you in a collection chamber underground. It works pretty well, but no one near the level that I see them being used off of YouTube. My next development was to build a dock down by the ocean and from there I started building a 3 space wide road system.

I was able to write today finally, but no one near the 25k goal I had set for myself. Not sure if I’ll be able to get to 30k by Sunday evening but that is my goal for the weekend. 7,000 more words to get there between now and then. You’d think I would just give up by now being so far before, but I remind myself that I started this novel on Nov. 6th and so I’m almost an entire week behind. Next week I only work 2 days and I’ve canceled Thanksgiving for myself so I will focus on just writing. I’m just hoping that Minecraft doesn’t get too much in the way. My sleep schedule is so off right now and I’m told I look like a walking zombie at work.

Storywise, I created a purple moss monster today, which almost killed Gorp my main character. He is now in the lab trying to find out what the monster was as he had a part in bringing it to life, but does not yet know that.

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