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Nero LARP Event – Day 3

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I awoke to the sounds of the busy tavern nearby, full of people eating breakfast. I got into garb and joined them. My phone had died from blogging the night before, so I had no ideal what time it actually was, but it felt around 7:30am. After doing a quick charge on my phone, I walked over to the tavern to find Cheese Burgers were on the menu for breakfast. It was good too, was getting a bit tired of hot dogs at that point. Before I was even done eating more than half the tavern left to continue fighting in the sewers where we had left off the day before. I took my time and finished up my burger and then caught up with the rest of the party who were now in combat with the dreaded Brood. Nasty insect like creatures who spit acid and attacked for acid damage. It was said that if they made a good hit on someone they could inject you with a vile substance causing a swam hive to feed upon you from the inside out. Eventually, the baby broods inside would pop out of the host killing them, spawning new brood in the process. It was during this time I took a quick out-of-game break to snap off a few photos for the event and one short video, capturing a round of combat.

 After what seemed like forever, eventually we got to the Brood Queen and slew her and her black guard. Doing so ended that quest, never quite sure what happened to “Meb” but he was there with us I believe in our final battle with the Brood. Still looking for a fight myself and the Templar I had met the day earlier decided to set off together in search of encounters and treasure. We came across a few encounters, hill trolls that still wanted us off their land, a band of goblins, which we slew, and finally an interesting mix of green creatures (goblins, an orc, and maybe a troll?) who were playing some form of football with the body of a dead animal. The Templar and I stood there bewilder at what we were seeing. It appeared they had not even noticed us and continued to play their game. Eventually, they got bored and looked up to see us standing there in the forest clearing, not sure what to do next. The group of monsters came over to us to parley and introduced themselves as the “Animal Cruelty Society”. They asked if we knew where any big animals where. We stood there wandering if we should fight or answer them. Eventually, I attempted to throw them off by pointing to a nearby hill and telling them I just saw a huge bear go over it, however, they either did not fall for it or were just confused because they couldn’t see the bear with their own eyes. The crazy Templar then suggested he knew of a nobleman in town who owned a poodle dog. This excited the greens and they just walked right pass us to go and attack the town in search of the dog. We quietly left the chaos of the town behind us and went in search of more treasure. We eventually happened upon a spell component and a slightly valuable ring treasure, later identified as being worth 1 gold coin.

After town combat was over we ventured back into town to collect our share of the sewer adventure coin and to sell the component we had found to a shop keeper. I also bought an extra shield, just in case my own ever breaks from a rat headed shop keeper who spoke only with nods and his hands. Next, while at the Plot camp, I was asked to NPC for an encounter. This was actually the first time I had even NPC’ed a monster so I agreed. I laid down my own shield and weapons and found a big great sword in the cache of weapons. I put on a white tabard and got instructions that I was an undead warrior left off from the previous night that the townsfolk and adventurers had not found. I made my way over to the starting point with the sword head over my head to mean I was not actually walking around in-game. Once there we called ourselves into action and began attacking the two players the encounter was setup for. I walked slowly towards them not making a sound and hold the sword out in front of me. All the NPCs were hit with packets of some sort which allowed the players to do more damage to us. I was the last undead to fall, was checked for loot and had none to give. Slain, I once again held the sword over head and made my way back to Plot game to retrieve my own weapon and shield.

With the noon deadline for tent breakdown soon approaching, I decided to end my gaming there and to pick it back up at another later event. I got changed into my mundane clothes, packed up everything and broke my tent down. With everything packed inside my truck and ready to go, I went to the Plot camp to do what is called “Checking Out” of the game. I discovered I had leveled my character up to 4th level and said my goodbyes to most the people I had met. As I left the event, fighting and adventure were still going on around me. The tavern was still there, a few tents where still up, and players were defeating monsters and collecting gold. Had it not be so hot and I was not expected home, I would have liked to stay longer and continue my gaming in NERO, but for this event the time had finally come to leave that for the next adventure.

All in all, I had a really great time and only wished I known the rules better. After going to the event and then checking in the rulebook the next day when I got home, things made a lot more sense to me. As a recommendation to a first time, I’d say just go to an event and ask others to help you, indicating you know nothing but are interested in the game. You can even play for free as an NPC at this chapter in Phoenix and that will give you all the items you need for the game as well as experience of what to expect. If you prefer to start like I did as a player character, then you’ll at least want to read the rules on creating a character and have your character sheet in hand at the event and ready. Registering your character before hand at the ( NERO database is also a good idea to help streamline things. The only thing that could of made this better was for there to be more people, so if you’re in the Phoenix or Vegas area and reading this, and you’re not already a member, you should come out to an event and join us. The more people the better the events get!

Below are a few helpful links to get you started on your path to gaming in NERO:

Official NERO website –

NERO LARP Rule Book 9th Edition (free downloadable) –

NERO Phoenix Chapter on Facebook –

NERO Phoenix Chapter website –

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Nero LARP Event – Day 2

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I awoke about 5:30am the next day to find no one else had yet joined us. No matter, it made the earlier night’s experience more like camping and easier to get into things as I had not been camping like that in over 10 years. Needing more ice and before anyone else had woken up around 6:30am I went to get ice a few miles away at Fry’s grocery store. In my mundane clothing I grab a protein drink, a few fresh pastries, and a bag of ice for the cooler. Once back to camp, I filled my two coolers with ice and enjoyed breakfast at a nearby picnic table next to my tent. Others began to stir and the camp once again came to life.

Eventually, a large white van showed up and Michael Hatch (the chap who runs the NERO Phoenix chapter) showed up with his family and crew to get things started. After they unpacked and greeted everyone it was time for sign-in. Character sheet, which I had brought from a previous game 6 years earlier, were reviewed and needed updates were made. Plot camp, the place where the people running the game sit away from others and NPC hang out was established and setup. This was also when I was given any starter coin and tags for the physical items I had brought to the game. No in-game item exists without a written tag.

I wasn’t aware the game had yet started, but others soon got into character and garb and I meet a crazy mad man who was a Templar. I being a fighter who likes to play music broke out my drum and Irish flute in the tavern and began to practice and play. Eventually, the Templar came over next to me in the tavern and took over drumming as I played my flute. It lighten the mood a bit and made it feel a bit more medieval. After some time of playing 2 more vehicles showed up and it was announced that the Vegas NERO Chapter had arrived. Soon the numbers of the event more than doubled and it started to feel like more like an event. More tents were erected around the tavern and the Templar and I continued to hone out skills at forming a small two man band. As we played NPC (monsters) started coming out and into the town (basically where the tavern was established). I took a break from playing to help slay a few monsters, then when all was finished, I went back to playing. After awhile more monsters attacked the town as we sat playing music in the tavern, a Knight yelled out to us to play music for the battle as so we pick up the pace a bit and played a battle tune. Quickly, the monsters where defeated, the knight walked over to tip the Templar and I a gold coin that had been placed in front of us for such purposes. Our first in-game coin from playing had been made! Huzzah!

We played a few more tunes and then I noticed other out on the outskirts of the town searching for items. When they returned to town I inquired what it was they were doing, “Seeking Treasure and Adventure”, I was told. To help show me how it was down I went out with a cat faced Healer, in-game these cat like humanoids are called Sarrs. She was nice and showed me what to look for. Small plastic single colored plastic eggs had been hidden throughout the gaming area. Inside were small slivers of paper that indicated what you had found. Sometimes it would be an encounter, later to be acted out my real NPCs and the people who found it. Other times it could be a component used for making potions and spells or best of all treasure. On this outing we found a few items I of course found an encounter in my first egg. The healer instructed that we should go to the Plot tent and turn in what we had found. She had found treasure and components, while I the encounter. We were asked to return to the location we had found the encounter and wait. Eventually, two NPCs showed up with weapons over their heads, to indicate they were not yet in place (out of game). As they passed us they described what we saw. Two large green skinned Hill Trolls. When they came into game, they began stomping on the hill and yell for us to leave and to get off their hill. Not really looking for a fight and as they seemed to be able to out match us, we said OK and left. That was it for the encounter. I learned not every encounter was a combat situation where you had to fight. Alone, I continued to look elsewhere for treasure, but found none. On my way back, up from the ground came a giant scorpion and it attacked me with both claws and a stinger. I was able to outrun it and went to my campsite to put down some items I had found. The scorpion charged into town after me. I began attacking with my longsword and shield for defense. Eventually, others in the tavern heard the sound of combat and came to join in the fight. With help we quickly destroyed the giant scorpion and all was safe again, at least for awhile.

After adventuring and fighting, I went to the tavern to get a bowl of Shrimp Soup. As I sat enjoying my soup in the tavern, another healer or magic guy came into the tavern to heal the Templar I had played with other of his craziness and to remove some strange markings upon his face. The wisecracking healer began a long drawn out ceremony to first find the cause of the Templar’s madness. Once that was done, the Templar asked me to hold all his possession, and I being of honorable intentions, did so without trying to steal all his stuff. A spell was then casts that removed all magic from his being both internally and externally. The markings upon his face remained and it was eventually determined that he just had paint upon his paint and was just an idiot after all.

Goblins came to town looking for trouble. A local merchant named “Meb” instead got them to barter all their goods for cheap. The merchant gave them 6 gold for all their cure mortal wounds plus other stuff. After the goblins had left town the merchant informed some newly arrived adventurers walking into town that if they wanted to make a quick 6 gold coins, there were some goblins that had just left town and pointed in the direction they left. I sat there in the tavern watching events unfold before me. Eventually, the trickster merchant “Meb” hired the entire tavern to go and slay some hell hound like dogs and to collect their hearts. Everyone agreed and a large band of roaming adventurers left town, I along with them. The trail lead to an underground sewer complex. We quickly found the hounds were had come for, slayed them and got the components we had come for. However, instead of turning back, the merchant convinced everyone to continue on. He stayed with us for a bit, but soon disappear in between encounters. The party chose to continue to look for him. Deeper into the sewers we went. The party of about 10 adventurers next encountered a hive of Fire Ants. It took awhile and we fought a large onslaught of ants, but finally managed to find the queen any and destroy her. Still looking for “Meb”, we came across next a giant silver and stone golem and some huge unknown undead being that no one had seen before. Cautiously, we fought a hard battle with a few of our party going down, but not for long as he had a few healers on hand. After a long fought battle and quite a lot of magic use, we defeated all 3 monsters. Having survived that battle we chose to continue onward deeper in the sewers, but prepared for bigger and harder monsters ahead. Eventually, the sewers ended in a Goblin Den of unending goblin spawns. The party killed at least 50 if not more goblins before the stopped coming. With most of our resources expended and no sign of “Meb”, we returned back to the surface to the tavern in town. Above ground nightfall had descended upon the land and a campfire could be seen from town, beckoning those with coin to the fire. This night hot dogs were on the menu in the tavern and all enjoyed a quick meal. One problem with the sun setting is that the undead began to rise up out of the ground.

While most of the others left town to vanquish the undead I took a rest from the game. By wearing a headband that indicated I was out-of-game and just enjoyed sitting and talking to others around the campfire. As the battles raged on into the night lit only by the moonlight, I went to my tent to sleep. This night I would make sure to get more rest as I had quite the full day of my 2nd NERO event.



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Nero LARP Event – Day 1

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I arrived alone tonight for my first actual LARP weekend event. I had done a single day Nero Larp a few years ago, but never anything like this. Upon arrival I meet a nice lad who called himself Jon, same as me. His family was here and his wife introduced herself next.

As the sun was quickly setting, I immediately began to pitch my tent for the first time. I had tried an unsuccessful attempt before in the backyard without using stakes. This 3 room tent requires stakes. With a little help from Jon, I was able to get it up in no time. Next was to load up all my gear into the tent and get my air mattress inflated. It was nightfall by the time I was able to get the tent top on. Next, I searched for some wood in order to carve myself a pitch stick for roasting hot dogs. I found a suitable pair of sticks and used some twine I had brought to bind them together. While doing this in my camp, one of the others invited me over to the campfire that had been built. I thanked her and grabbed hot dogs, mustard, and buns. A bit thirsty, I also grabbed a water bottle.

Under the night sky as I chatted with this new family at the NERO event I roasted my food over a campfire pit. Something I haven’t done in many years. I chatted with the family as their kids ran around, enjoying the company and finding out more about the Larp.

As it turns out for the first night of the Larp, tonight was mostly for setting up tent in preparation for tomorrow’s event. Nothing much happens this night. With no one else showing up, I retired to my huge tent and made sure to have my medieval garb out and hung ready for tomorrow, when I shall become another person. A fighter in the game Nero who goes by the name “Ox Gildenhide”.


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digiLARP – It Begins!

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This may not seem like much now, but bookmark this site. Watch and wait for something amazing to happen in the coming months/years.

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My 1st Trip to MagiQuest – Grapevine, TX.

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This past December, I took a trip home to visit family in Texas. While in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I took the opportunity to fulfill a 5 year goal of mine, which was to play a Live Action Entertainment game known as “MagiQuest” at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. Being in Arizona, this just so happens to be one of the cloestest MagiQuest centers near me. The main game is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, which I have plans to take a vacation to someday just to play the game.

What is MagiQuest?

MagiQuest is an interactive live-action, role playing game where players embark on quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world using real magic wands to solve the mysteries of the game.

The MagiQuest at the Great Wolf Lodge that I visited, is consider part of one of the Forest Kingdoms. The game here is unlike the one at Myryle Beach, SC. It has some of the same quests, but also a quest or two that you will not find at some of the other locations. The game itself it in blended into the Great Wolf Lodge theme itself. If going to this one you will find MagiQuest on the bottom floor and to your left once you reach the bottom of the stairs.

Once at the shop, you pick a wand at the station as shown in the picture above. From this point you can just get a standard wand and they will give you a round orb to fasten into the end of your wand or you can do like I did and get one of the many clan toppers. I got the Dragon Head topper which belongs to the Warrior Clan.

After getting a wand and topper, I walked up to the counter paid for a game and activated my wand. They did have package deals and I ended up getting one of these. They give you about 3-4 days worth of time to play the game and there was no fee to enter Great Wolf Lodge for the area that the MagiQuest game is located. After giving they guy at the desk my name, date of birth, and a User Name to be encoded into the database and linked up with the RFID tag in the wand, I was ready to start. I was given a book called “The Ancient Book of Wisdom”. The little paper booklet gives simple instructions on how to play and also importing information regarding the game quests. I was then directed to start down the hall to the Training Room.

The lessons and tutorial are giving by the Master Magi and is wand activated. The video is 3 – 5 minutes, if you include the promo. Inside the training room, every thing is wand activate. There are some basic rules and instructions posters on the wall, the TV monitor is activated by the tree stump man. There is also a racoon statue, along with a few chests and lamps that turn on when activated. I spent more time trying to test out the wand on various objects in the room, than really listening to the Master Magi. I don’t even remember the video all that well, as it was busy outside and loud, which made it kind of hard to hear. This would become a reoccurring theme of important information being revealed by an object, only to have the instructions drowned out by so many people around. The gist of the instructions were to look for little Q symbols and point your wand there to activate the game interactive devices.

The first thing to do after training is to find a QuestTree. Here you are shown a list of Quests, also listed in “The Ancient Book of Wisdom”, which will get you started on your first quest. You can pick from multiple quests, but note that some are not available until you have completed other quests. Adventures are like quests but bigger and require the use of some of the rune quest. Rune Quest is where I started out and I began where most do on the “Dazzle Rune Quest”. After hearing a riddle at the QuestTree, I set out to find the 5 colored crytals, like the one shown below.

This quest began around the corner from the Dragon’s Lair and worked it’s way up the 8 hotel floors of the Great Wolf Lodge. Something to note, most of the MagiQuest areas 3rd floor and higher are mostly in the stairwell and in the lobby area outside where the elevators are. Only on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors do you have to walk out in the lodge a bit to find some of the quest related items. All in all, I became a Master Magi after 2 days of playing this game and was able to beat the Red Dragon. Had I known the Silver Dragon could only be accessed after playing MagiQuest Online, I would have bought the game on the first night, played it on my laptop where I was staying and returned the next day. Instead, I held off and decided to get it before leaving on the 2nd day. Below are just random photos I took through out the two days I was there showing various quest items and to capture my experience. I took multiple pictures of chests as they and wall mounted pictures made of the bulk of interactive items in the game. If a chest was not part of a quest, then it usually would open and award you with gold pieces, which are required on some of the quests before you can continue. I’m now really looking forward to a vacation at the Myrtle Beach location, where I hope to relive the adventure I did here at the Great Wolf Lodge location.

The phone above is used to contact downstairs to the front desk if you need help with the quest area. I had someone ask me what it was for, so thought I’d post an update here.

The Red Dragon slumbers in his lair, awaiting a Master Magi to awaken him to do battle.

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