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Life Changes

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Door of Fear Movie Poster
Wow.. so much as happened since the last blog entry. I wrote and directed another film, which was a horror called “Door of Fear”. It’s still in the final stages of post production and was shot back in April. It will be released, but had a lot of issues to be dealt with. We shot on the 2.5k Black Magic Cinema Camera, which altered our entire back-end workflow. It should be ready for film festival submissions by Oct. 2013.

Now, the sad updates: My father passed away of cancer in May after a long battle. I was able to return to Texas for a week for the memorial, but was not able to make it back in time to see him alive. The last time I saw my father was 3 years ago. The next month in June, I lost my family to divorce. In August my temporary video contract job ended, so I’m just a full-time filmmaker/actor now. I feel like such a walking tragedy.

With my house slated to be sold soon, I’ve got nothing left in Arizona other than a successful acting career and a large number of new friends. So I’ll be moving to the LA area in November to pursue both my film and acting careers to their fullest potentials. I’m thinking, to help others out, I might like to post regular blog updates about my transition out to LA and post helpful advice and just give my story. Before I leave Arizona, I do want to shoot one last film a romantic comedy short called “Rejection”. I’ve got a good key crew lined up and need to finalize the screenplay and cast for the roles so I can shoot in Oct.

This is just a quick summary update of everything that’s happened this year up to this point. There are tons of things I should be adding here acting wise, but I’ll save that for my new actor’s archive page, as this will become my personal actor site as well.

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Ring of Time Movie Poster


You would think after making a film after 5 years since my last would be enough, but nope, it was a new month and I made another film. I entered into this year’s A3F 48-Hour Film Challenge here in Phoenix, AZ. Our entry was a short 5-minute film called “Ring of Time“. Our line of dialog was “I can’t believe it worked”, our prop was a ring, and our theme was “Something magical”. We were 1 of 55 teams to enter, 1 of 47 that turned out film in on time under the 48 hour limit, and unfortunately, only made the top 30 films getting an Honorable Mention, but not screened at last night’s event with the top 20. Really, surprised me on that, as I thought we did quite well and it was my most ambitious 48-challange film to date out of 6. I really appreciated the cast/crew I had on this project and thought they all were amazing. It was funny to grow from having 2 actors and 1 crew member the night I signed LJR Productions up as a team and how on the day of the shoot that number grew to 26 people. Starting on this project, I only knew 5 of the 26 people I worked with, so met a lot of new faces.

I had recently announced on my Facebook page that I was done making short films and focusing only on feature films. Well I learned I shouldn’t make statements like that, because last night at the A3F film screening for the top 20 films, I listen to a call from the event organizers of the Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival asking for more horror films. Now that it’s March and another month in 2013, I may be doing a short 10-minute horror film.

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This is a bar & restaurant located in Mesa, AZ. I had heard about it and seen some pictures of the place but never made it a point to go see. That was until this week when they announce they were closing their doors after being open for less than a year. Horror, animatronics, good, and drinks!? This place sounded like an adult version of Chuck E. Cheese pizza. I invited some friends who were regulars of the place to meet us up there today and finally went with my whole family.


After entering the front doors you enter into a short monster maze. Animatronics and interesting things look at are here. After snaking right around the corner along the castle looking stone walls you come to a mummy tomb on the wall.


Afterwards, the maze opens up into a room where this caracul is there to greet you, alone with Frankenstein on a table and an old pipe organ (not pictured).


This room opens into another room, still not inside the restaurant area itself, where a demon oversees all who enter alone with some bat looking creature below.


Then there is a grand gate and entrance into the bar and restaurant area itself, with a dragon peering over all who enter. To the right of the gate in this picture is a huge stone golem that stands up.


More of the restaurant area, here you can see Freddy Krueger in the corner and Pumpkin Head standing under a crumbling castle tower about to fall. Lots of classic monsters are here.


I sat down at a table next to the Grim Reaper with two kobold looking demons at his side. He was on a timer and ever so often would stand up and swing that scythe around, while chanting.


His minions at his side would move as well and blow smoke.


The place also had this nice tomb structure inside the restaurant, which exited out onto a patio area for outside dining. I’m glad I didn’t wait  too long until the place closes next weekend on 1/19/2013. The Swamp Water drink I got was great as was the interesting food items served all with horror names. I’m hoping someone else will step in and buy the place as it’s certainly a place I’d like to return to again and see.

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Drawing A Day – Day 52

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The Harpist and the Gypsy. Today, I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, where I took lots of pictures and combined a few things for inspiration of this drawing. It was drawn using 2 #2HB pencils, one for the grass and the other for the rest of the drawing. I then shaded and used the eraser where needed. Doing the folds in the ladies clothing is quite hard and something I will have to work at to get the shapes and shading done right. Slight color hue done in post.

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