Drawing A Day 2011 (Jan. ~ Mar.)

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The following gallery is a project I came up with for 2011. Starting Jan. 1st 2011, I will draw a picture a day to help increase my art and drawing skills. This gallery is a collection of each day’s drawing for 2011.


Day 1 (1-1-2011)

A cartoon wizard starts out my project for Day 1 of Drawing a Day 2011.

Day 2 (1-2-2011)

Scenic mountain landscape with a castle for Day 2 of my Drawing a Day 2011 project.

Day 3 (1-3-2011)

Mushmen are a race of creatures I’ve created the world I’m building called “Agrobathe”. I will include these guys later in a fantasy novel based in Agrobathe.

Day 4 (1-4-2011)

A goblin sweeps the dungeon for the local Overlord.

Day 5 (1-5-2011)

Battle’s End – a lone soldier rests against a tree after having survived the long fought battle into the day’s end.

Day 6 (1-6-2011)

A dwarf guards a door.

Day 7 (1-7-2011)

Gold Spirit Tree Ruin – Deep within the Celtic forest there is a ruin in honor of the golden spirit tree. The words written on the stone translate from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Quenya language to “Gold Spirit Tree” as an ode to Tolkien.

Day 8 (1-8-2011)

For today’s drawing I picked a Gnome standing at the door to his house in the tree. He is standing there wondering why you are looking at him.

Day 9 (1-9-2011)

Here is the Magi crystal ball, with the Magi’s Eye of Scrying.

Day 10 (1-10-2011)

Greymore the Wise, an old tree spirit of Agrobathe who holds a green Gem of Creation embedded in his bark.

Day 11 (1-11-2011)

A Grass Fae of Agrobathe, bends back the blades of green grass to see what all the commotion was about.

Day 12 (1-12-2011)

Hargola the Giant, this female of gigantic size is also a sorceress of evil known throughout the lands of Agrobathe. It is said at night that she steals the dreams of men to bind them into a mystical web of betrayal and deceit. Causing those who lose their dreams to go mad afterward.

Day 13 (1-13-2011)

Strange creature in a straw hut.

Day 14 (1-14-2011)

Raging Orc

Day 15 (1-15-2011)

Lone castle on a sea cliff.

Day 16 (1-16-2011)

The Jabberwocky

Day 17 (1-17-2011)

A hill giant waits for his next meal.

Day 18 (1-18-2011)

Celtic Trinity Knot Banner. This was my first attempt to draw celtic knots.

Day 19 (1-19-2011)

A knight stands guard.

Day 20 (1-20-2011)

Crystal shard cluster.

Day 21 (1-21-2011)

The prayer before battle. This was an experiment in color.

Day 22 (1-22-2011)

Wood Goblin

Day 23 (1-23-2011)

Oh, a shiny!

Day 24 (1-24-2011)

Something amidst in the wizard’s workshop.

Day 25 (1-25-2011)

Green Dragon

Day 26 (1-26-2011)

Guardian of the May Pole.

Day 27 (1-27-2011)

A goblin on the run stops near a stream for a short breath.

Day 28 (1-28-2011)

Shield the treasure.

Day 29 (1-29-2011)

Mr. Shroom and friends.

Day 30 (1-30-2011)

Cave Goblin.

Day 31 (1-31-2011)

Yeti. Yes! I’ve been drawing a month now and didn’t miss a single day. This is a lot harder than it looks.

Day 32 (2-1-2011)

The Wizard & Warrior. This is an ode to an old Choose Your Own Adventure like book from my childhood called “Wizards, Warriors, & You”.

Day 33 (2-2-2011)

The Lone Tower.

Day 34 (2-3-2011)

Elven King.

Day 35 (2-4-2011)

A warlock.

Day 36 (2-5-2011)

Sea Troll.

Day 37 (2-6-2011)

Chosen lady in waiting.

Day 38 (2-7-2011)

Solar Caster of Agrobathe. Tonight, I decided to illustrate one of the magical orders from my Fantasy world Agrobathe.

Day 39 (2-8-2011)

Gypsy camp at night.

Day 40 (2-9-2011)

Bucket Helm Knight.

Day 41 (2-10-2011)

A Nom who lives among the forest in Elwood from the world of Agrobathe.

Day 42 (2-11-2011)

Wood Elf.

Day 43 (2-12-2011)

Where the gnomes live. Listened to “Vivaldi: The Four Seasons” as I drew this tonight.

Day 44 (2-13-2011)

My first venture into drawing the Fae.

Day 45 (2-14-2011)

Celtic Love Spoon & Key to a Celtic Heart.

Day 46 (2-15-2011)

Celtic Design 1.

Day 47 (2-16-2011)

Nmos the Goblin Thief from my book “Gorp: Goblin Janitor”.

Day 48 (2-17-2011)

Forgotten Tomb of the King.

Day 49 (2-18-2011)

Warlock’s medicine.

Day 50 (2-19-2011)

Falcon Guard at the outpost.

Day 51 (2-20-2011)

The Kraken.

Day 52 (2-21-2011)

The Harpist and the Gypsy.

Day 53 (2-22-2011)

Laughing Ogre.

Day 54 (2-23-2011)

Fairy Shroom Home.

Day 55 (2-24-2011)

The Sorceress.

Day 56 (2-25-2011)

Hill Castle of Darkenwood, a location in my world of Agrobathe.

Day 57 (2-26-2011)

Opportunistic Fortune.

Day 58 (2-27-2011)

Tools of Dungeoneering.

Day 59 (2-28-2011)

Knight Hospitaller.

Day 60 (3-1-2011)

A traveler approaches the Cave of Kondar. A location in the world of Agrobathe.

Day 61 (3-2-2011)

Forgotten Castle Tower.

Day 62 (3-3-2011)

Paw Clan Castle on the Island of Kinop. A location for the Mylars based in my fantasy world of Agrobathe.

Day 63 (3-4-2011)

Magi’s Daemon Wand.

Day 64 (3-5-2011)

Fang Dagger.

Day 65 (3-6-2011)

Dragon in the Die.

Day 66 (3-7-2011)

Butterfly Battle Axe.

Day 67 (3-8-2011)

The Chainmail Door.

Day 68 (3-9-2011)

Goblin-Tongue Bow

Day 69 (3-10-2011)

A Mylar Ninja from the World of Agrobathe. This is one of the cat race people from the world that I’m world building.

Day 70 (3-11-2011)

A Dylar Pirate from the World of Agrobathe. This is one of the dog race people from the world that I’m world building, they do not get along with Mylars.

Day 71 (3-12-2011)

Aquanauts (first attempt) from the World of Agrobathe. This is one of the fish race people from the world that I’m world building, they can live on both land or under the sea.

Day 72 (3-13-2011)

Ambush the wizard.

Day 73 (3-14-2011)

Tower of Awakening.

Day 74 (3-15-2011)

The King’s Road through The Dark Forest. A scene taken from my novel Gorp: Goblin Janitor.

Day 75 (3-16-2011)

Tree within a circle of stone under a pale blue moon.

Day 76 (3-17-2011)

Sword & crown held together by a rose.

Day 77 (3-18-2011)

Dungeon of Despair.

Day 78 (3-19-2011)

Wizard’s Way

Day 79 (3-20-2011)

Home of Ox Gildenhide in the World of Agrobathe.

Day 80 (3-21-2011)

The Axe in the Stone, a twisted take on an old tale.

Day 81 (3-22-2011)

A Sprite.

Day 82 (3-23-2011)

An Enchantress.

Day 83 (3-24-2011)

Tower of Wayward Point. A tower on the seacoast of Viscus Solum, in the World of Agrobathe.

Day 84 (3-25-2011)

Moon King.

Day 85 (3-26-2011)

Dragonsting Sword.

Day 86 (3-27-2011)

Noble Lady.

Day 87 (3-28-2011)

Suicidal Earth Elemental.

Day 88 (3-29-2011)

Mounted Knight at Practice.

Day 89 (3-30-2011)

Deserted Medieval Town.

Day 90 (3-31-2011)

A knight.