Nero LARP Event – Day 1

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I arrived alone tonight for my first actual LARP weekend event. I had done a single day Nero Larp a few years ago, but never anything like this. Upon arrival I meet a nice lad who called himself Jon, same as me. His family was here and his wife introduced herself next.

As the sun was quickly setting, I immediately began to pitch my tent for the first time. I had tried an unsuccessful attempt before in the backyard without using stakes. This 3 room tent requires stakes. With a little help from Jon, I was able to get it up in no time. Next was to load up all my gear into the tent and get my air mattress inflated. It was nightfall by the time I was able to get the tent top on. Next, I searched for some wood in order to carve myself a pitch stick for roasting hot dogs. I found a suitable pair of sticks and used some twine I had brought to bind them together. While doing this in my camp, one of the others invited me over to the campfire that had been built. I thanked her and grabbed hot dogs, mustard, and buns. A bit thirsty, I also grabbed a water bottle.

Under the night sky as I chatted with this new family at the NERO event I roasted my food over a campfire pit. Something I haven’t done in many years. I chatted with the family as their kids ran around, enjoying the company and finding out more about the Larp.

As it turns out for the first night of the Larp, tonight was mostly for setting up tent in preparation for tomorrow’s event. Nothing much happens this night. With no one else showing up, I retired to my huge tent and made sure to have my medieval garb out and hung ready for tomorrow, when I shall become another person. A fighter in the game Nero who goes by the name “Ox Gildenhide”.


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