Script Frenzy 2012

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Well… I’ve finally decided and dedicated time for next month’s Script Frenzy 2012 (www.scriptfrenzy.org). It’s similar to the NaNoWriMo event I did some years back where I wrote a 50,000 word Fantasy novel. Except, this time it’s 30 days, 100+ page screenplay, all within the month of April. That means by the end of April I’ll have a completely original and new feature-length screenplay. Yesterday, I also picked up a program I discovered call Celtx (www.celtx.com). It’s similar to Final Draft, but more like a striped down version with goodies. I got the paid Plus version for the PC and the mobile version, but it’s also available for free with less goodies. So far, I’m really impressed and liking it more than my older version of Final Draft.

I haven’t really decided what genre of script I’m going to write yet, but I have a large list of movie ideas I’ve been building on for the past couple of years. I may draw something from that list or do a comedy, horror, Sci-Fi with Fantasy elements. I really want to do a fantasy screenplay, but if I do, I will end up wanting perfection and will need more time to develop the story. Which is why I’m going to have fantasy elements in whatever I do, but will no go full on force high-fantasy like I would like. This way, I can hope to complete a feature length screenplay, once and for all. It all starts April 1st. Check back for updates on how the writing and story development is going.

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