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Castle Dawn. This castle guards the wide open plains area of Chesterfield in the world of Agrobathe. It is known for its many towered walls.

Frog Solider. Flat-footed warriors of the swamps, they carry large shields upon their backs and stab with pointy bladed spears. With poisoned tongues, these guys can be deadly in swarms to any army that finds its way into the Dreadmore Swamps of Agrobathe.

Lonk & Taetoad. The barbarian and thief duo who are legend after their raid on the mystic Moon Tower in the lands of Agrobathe.

Kepp the Traveler. He is from the Elwood Fae Forest and travels the lands of Agrobathe in search of rare herbs to bring back to his homeland in the forest.

Kuarg the Barbarian. A free roaming barbarian upon the plains of Viscus Solum in the World of Agrobathe.

Dragon Banner Brigade. Through out the Elwood forests are tiny banner holder who lay mark and claim to the surrounding lands for their Fae Kingdoms.

Mage’s Tower at Highfalls. A retreat where mages go to study, on a small hill at the foot of the Highfalls of Elwood in the World of Agrobathe.

Queen of Cydonia. In the lands of Agrobathe within the Kingdom of Cydonia, there ruled a Queen over all the subjects in the land. Never was she able to find a King or a nobleman she considered worthy of the title. But many of knights did display courtly love for her affection.

Towers of Hope. After the Dragon Wars, the Capital City of Nassrack rebuilt it’s might tower in the form of two twin towers connected by a bridge to symbolism unity. The towns people hoped that the dragons never reclaimed the sky that they once had ruled.

Mage’s Tower. This is a typical tower found throughout Agrobathe belonging to a Mage.