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Finally, passed my 20,000 word count goal today. A few days behind but I’m still writing! I took a writing break yesterday and didn’t do anything NaNoWriMo related. Most of the day I enjoyed playing Minecraft after work. After a few days sitting around a 17k word count I began to wonder if I’d ever make it to 20k words. Currently, I’m sitting at 21,195words for my novel. I don’t think I’ve ever written that many words for a novel or story before so for me this is new territory. I’ve also noticed a change in my understanding when I listen to podcasts about writing or read articles on writing because I can directly relate to some of the things being said now.

Today began rather dull and slow. I decided to get something accomplished as the writing was just not happening for me. So I loaded up the T-Pain Autotune applicationon my iPhone and freestyle rapped my own song to the Freaknik song “Save You“. After watching the documentary “Nerdcore Rising” about nerdy rappers who MC their own geeky songs and tour around the country, such as MC Frontalot, I’ve started thinking about trying my hand at Nerdcore rapping about Dungeons & Dragons and other RPG elements. I’d like to write little songs that tell of a story in a D&D type setting. Maybe for my background music I could mix in folk and medieval instruments to give it a fantasy style song. After recording my song I called it “Stuck in Tower” and uploaded it for others to laugh out. It was totally freestyle and I had no idea what I was going to say before I said it. With some planning and practice I’m sure I can get better at this.  

Even though that attempt to rap was only messing around, it made me feel somewhat creatively accomplished and I moved on to dungeon mapping. I mapped out all levels of the Training Ward in my novel shown in the image on this blog post. I then tried writing. Like that past few days it was really hard to even write 300 words let alone 1k. So I looked over my story and decided to write a chapter using my antagonist, the wizard Jamalin Spellslinger. I got 2.8k words out of that chapter alone and it really spiked up my writing creativity. I also introduced one of the later chapter characters in this scene and placed the antagonist scene as Chapter 3. This gave me a subplot that I can later play with and help me character build a little on one of the minor story characters. I ended up writing 4k words today with compared to my recent numbers is really good. I could keep writing, but I need to work tomorrow and should sleep soon. Hopefully, this writing energy keeps going and I can finally catch up.


Pirate Metal

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Never heard of this sub-genre of music until today.

While listening to the Renaissance Festival Podcast, I heard one of the show’s hosts mention Pirate Metal. One of her favorite Pirate Metal bands was called Alestorm. Curious, I did a quick search on iTunes on my iPhone and found two albums of theirs. The first one was ok, so I gave the second one a listen called “Captain Morgan’s Revenge”. I really liked the sound of pirate influences when mixed with metal, however, it wasn’t until I listen to the second to the last song on the album called “Wenches and Mead” that I declared Pirate Metal my kind of music. Granted, I was only listening to short sample clips of the songs, Wenches and Mead drew me into buying it right then and there on my iPhone. After listening to the song over and over on single loop, I shared it with some of my co-workers and right then and there made converts to the genre. It was quite nice to come across something refreshing in the music scene and who would of thought Pirate Metal made such blimey good tunes to work to?