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Since finishing my novel, I’ve just been Minecrafting it the past week. Great to finally just game instead of working about word count. But my rest is only for this month, for next month / next year, I will begin the Re-Write of Gorp: Goblin Janitor. I’m not sure at this point what parts I’ll keep in or get rid up, but I’ve got some major work to do and will most likely cut and shorten the training chapters.

I’ve also officially joined up for next year’s Script Frenzy in April. 30 Days to write a 100 page feature length screenplay. I haven’t decided what genre of film I’ll write, but I will most likely write something that I can then Direct. That being the case I made do a Horror as they are more forgiving and seem to do better at the American Film Market, which is where I’m focused now on making feature films for. I’m looking to create a few feature films to sell there and get distribution deals for. As I build that up, I’ll eventually try to do bigger and bigger movies until I can do a proper Indie Fantasy Film. In the meantime, I hope to start back on my world-building of Agrobathe. Once I have more content there, then I will begin my epic novel series “Agrobathe” based in the world of the name of the books. I’m planning write 100,000+ word novels for publication. Gorp was just to get my first novel out of the way and to learn from the experience, which I have. However, after all this writing, I’ve really started missing the filmmaking process and miss being in the Director’s chair. I’m hoping to get back into film soon than later.

A few games coming out next year that I’m really looking forward to are: Homefront for the XBox 360, getting Kinect and a few games for that system, and Sims Medieval(it’s been a long time coming).  Time for sleep, as I actually get to sleep at closer to normal hours again since NaNoWriMo.

Yesterday, I finally bought the new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (Red Box) of 2010. Being a D&D Lifer and Collector, it purchased this box more for the collector side of me as I also own the original Dungeons & Dragons Red Box set, as well as, all the other box set that followed. However, after reading up on this publication of the box, another factor weighed in and piqued my curiosity, a Solo-Adventure! I have not seen many Solo-Adventures for D&D, aside for a few during my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons days. I haven’t had time to sit down and go through this box, but plan to soon. In addition to this I got the Dungeon Tile Box that should come in handy with the Dungeon Master Kit I bought a few days after release. I think I will use these as a separate method of introducing my non-gamer friends to Dungeons & Dragons and hopefully keep it simple. The Dungeon Tile box and Dungeon Master Kit both remind me that I also need to design the Dungeon for my upcoming Novel “Gorp: Goblin Janitor” in November. The time approaches faster and faster, my outline is only a line drawn in the sand with starting place and a finish point, and my characters swimming around in my head in a pool without a ladder to crawl out onto a page and be seen. I’ve also started drinking more tea to help me focus and to relax my nerves after a long mental workout from my daily job. However, no matter what, come November in addition to voting at the polls, I’ll also be locked and ready to write a 50,000 word novel. I just have to surround myself with things that promote creativity and story. I guess getting the new Fallout: New Vegas for the XBox 360 yesterday could help count towards story right? Argh! I hope I haven’t undone myself with an RPG before the writing even begins. I’ve got to somehow trick myself into thinking that Fallout: New Vegas is boring and that writing my story is the best time I could have between Nov. 1 – Nov. 30. I don’t feel defeated or worried at this moment, just concerned about mundane life getting in the way. And when I say mundane, I mostly mean watching movies and gaming.