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Gateway to a New Era. The Wizard stands guard to the gateway of the dawn of a new era of as the Three Moons of Destiny align in the heavens above.
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With this drawing I have competed what I set out a year ago to do, drawing something every single day of 2011 and with this drawing I accomplished that feat without fail!!! It’s been a long and rough road to get here, especially with life that tends to get in the way and being sick from time to time, but no matter the obstacle, I overcame all those challenges to get a drawing done and uploaded to hold me accountable. Although I still have a ways to go to achieve the status of a professional Fantasy artist, I now have this tomb of work to show I can meet a challenge. I also feel I have improved greatly from where I started and my speed at drawing is amazing! Throughout 2012, I will still be drawing, but at a slower pace and working on one piece for much longer than 30 minutes – 3 hours as was done with every drawing in this project, with the exception of a painting or two.

Regarding how it felt to do this crazy project, the first two months I was excited and couldn’t wait to draw something everyday. The possibilities were endless as nothing came before. However, as the days stretched into months, the volume of my work increased and I found little themes to keep me going through the dry time. The last three months were mostly hell, with me wishing most the time I never had started this project. Just imagine, you can not sleep no matter how tired you are, until you have completed a drawing and uploaded. The drawing became easier as I went and trying to decide what I would draw took the longest. Sometimes I would pass out after getting home from work and set my alarm to wake up and draw something before midnight, which happened a few times. All in all, I’m glad to be done with this project and look forward to starting up a new original animated cartoon series in 2012 with 12 (22 minute) episodes for season 1.

Happy New Year 2012 everyone!!!!!

Watcher of Time. When your time is up, the Watcher of Time appears.

Dancing Flame Elemental. He is called forth from the campfire from which a circle of drummers play. He dances to the beat the of the drum and carries the wishes of the players to the gods above.

Drow Rogue. Abandoned as a child out at sea, she has made her way back to the Dark Forest in search of her tribe, to repay a debt to the family who abandoned her.

Barbarian Warrior. Among the tribes of the Northlands, there is legend of a brave pack of female warriors brave as any man and just as fiercest in combat.

Man-At-Arms. Was a heavily armed and mounted soldier in medieval times.

Santa & Coal. Santa with his Bag of Holding and Everlasting Torch to light the way. Perched upon his shoulder is is trusted pet dragon Coal. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

The Night Before Christmas. Twas the night before Christmas and the Red Cap Gnomes were fast at work making merriment among the Christmas Tree. With blades, spell books, and wizard caps, underneath, it was a night of celebration for the gnomes as the rest of the household slept.

Mind Flayer. These monstrous humanoid aberrations are empowered with psionic powers. They believe themselves to be the dominant species of the multiverse.

Giant Jumping Fanged Spider. These huge spiders normally wait hiding to ambush their prey, sometimes jumping as far as 50 feet to strike with their dagger sized fangs.